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Brick Church Plant (Q#2): Why plant another "Redeemer Fellowship"?

  TRANSCRIPT BELOW: I was born and raised in Georgia, in the deep south.  One of the unique things about the state of Georgia is it's number of counties - 154 counties in all.  This number is second only to the number of counties in Texas, a state more than double its size. New Jersey also has something unique about it - we have 565 municipalities. ...

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Why Replant a Church rather than close its doors?


I love reading about a church's history, especially if that church has been in existence for a century or more.  Those black and white photographs of an old plain church building surrounded by people who ministered to their communities so long ago - what a great spiritual heritage to have!  What a gift and a tresure to continue the work of so many saints who have...

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I went to a different church this morning, and my church is happy about it

We, fellow churches at the Jersey Shore, are in this together, and together we possess an unbelievable amount of resources that could be used more effectively. But only if we start collaborating more, and consider the Kingdom resources we've been placed as stewards over as Jesus', and not our own....

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