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Brick Church Plant (Q#1): Why plant churches in our own back yard?

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As we get closer each day to our new church plant, we want to use every means possible to help people be as informed and as prayerful as possible as we embark on this new mission. For many, the idea of planting churches is a new concept. Others have perhaps heard about it but never participated and have questions. Others may question the model, things like: "what do you...

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Foundations #6 - Church Planting, Replanting, and Revitalization

Paul and the Apostles understood this commission of Christ as a call to plant churches. He would travel to major urban cities with regional influences, plant a church, and then move on to the next city. People traveling to and fro from these cities would carry the Christian message to the outer limits and small towns outside the city, and thus more churches were planted. I...

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Everyone's Call to Make Disciples

So, last week we looked at the fact that there is not supposed to be a Senior Pastor Super-Man who stands before the body, possessing all the gifts, and being the one in charge of all things "churchy". It's an interesting sermon, because everyone loves to give a "Ra-Ra", down with the single pastor, guy who calls all the shots, mentality. But there is a flip side to this...

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The Importance of Church Planting

We are a church plant that is focused on planting churches. In fact, our mission is simply stated, "To make disciples and plant churches". So why is church planting so important? ...

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A Brother Has Fallen: The Resignation of Mark Driscoll

This week, the former leader of Acts 29 handed in his resignation. He was always a polarizing figure and depending on how you felt about him, there are people that are rejoicing over this fall and there are people that are really taken back and effected deeply. I wanted to share some of my feelings ...

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Are Church Mergers the Way of the Future?

Today we look at a topic that has drawn many opinions. In fact, some have very strong opinions, and if you are reading this, you are welcome to a strong opinion too. We are looking at a question that a lot of people are asking: are church mergers the way of the future, or are they a sign of a weakening church in our culture? ...

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