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Adopted into the Family of God - Now What? Pt. 1

MORE THAN JUST SHARING A NAME. My wife and I have three kids of our own, and currently we have a foster child. To be a part of our family is much more than just sharing a last name. We treat our foster child the same way we treat our own children. He gets no different treatment. And in saying that, we have certain expectations for our children just like any other parent d...

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Why "Taking the sermon with you through the week" can be condemning

How many times have you been asked if you are "Taking the Sermon with you throughout the week?" Or, "Is what you heard on Sunday still effecting you by Monday?" I am sure that it is well meaning, and depending on the content of the sermon, it is not an altogether bad question, but in this entry we look at how that question can be fueled more by condemnation than the Gosp...

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Through Jesus, we can enjoy our average lives today....

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More than Conquerors?

This Easter my mind has been drawn more than ever to a familiar phrase in Romans 8, that we are "more than conquerors through Him who loved us". In this life, it is easy to feel defeated, let alone a conqueror. So, to hear that we are "more than conquerors" is worth looking into ...

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Finding True Reverence

My story of how I re-discovered true reverence in a culture where it is almost absent, and how ultimately I found it in seeing who Jesus Christ really was. ...

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Radical but Orthodox

2000 years later and still people have a hard time fitting Jesus into any earthly category. In His day, he was viewed by some as a radical, some as a Messiah and some as a man that came to destroy or overthrow the religious system. That is what makes Matthew 5:17-20 such a critical text, because Jesus shows that He could be radical but still be orthodox ...

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