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Post-Christian: Dropping Out Because of Church-Hurt

I meet them all the time. In fact, it's increasing regularly. The folks who jumped into the church with both feet, only to leave beat up, scarred and full of resentment. As a result, they cast off the necessity of the church and whether they are willing to admit it or not, they begin to have a diminished faith in God, wondering if He really knew what He was doing when He ...

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Why don't I preach every week?

I have been asked multiple times why I do not preach every week. I am the most experienced preacher that we have, so why not have the most experienced guy in the pulpit? Plus, the amount that I preach at Remedy is becoming less each year, so is there a plan in place? Why do we do that? ...

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Is "Maturity" killing our churches

We have planted in an area where there are a lot of churches, but not a lot of Christians. And the average age of the Christians in those churches is increasing, and the loss of young people is well reported. The odd thing is, most of these churches, the ones that are still preaching the Gospel anyway, are filled with many "mature" Christians. So, you would think maturi...

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Why Plurality is Something that is so Important to Us

One topic that people pay very little attention to is "Church Government". To many, it is a secondary issue, if it even gets put on that level. But, after 11 years of ministry, I am more convinced than ever than a poor understanding of church government leads to more broken churches, and more church hurt people than any other subject. Yeah, you read that right. ...

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