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Archives for February 2015

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So, what's the deal with Lent?

Anyone ever wonder what the deal is with Lent? It is a topic that people approach with many different thoughts. Some celebrate it yearly as part of their devotional rhythms. Some have less than fond memories of past religiosity. Is Lent something that is worth looking into, or is it one of those "tradition things" that has lost its value along the way? ...

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For the Glory of Jesus

As part of their education, we are beginning to have our PLI Students write for the Remedy Blog Site, and share their devotional writing with their PLI brothers. This is an awesome blog entry from Gregory Andrus, a second semester PLI student, on the Glory of God revealed in Jesus...

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Biblical Lessons from a Decaying Tooth

After many years of ignoring my teeth, I have had to get some dental work done. As I have thought about all that led up to my teeth getting to where they have gotten, I was amazed at the parallels to the Christian life...

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The Importance of Church Planting

We are a church plant that is focused on planting churches. In fact, our mission is simply stated, "To make disciples and plant churches". So why is church planting so important? ...

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Quiet My Soul: Psalm 131

This is a great Psalm to look at to see where our attention and focus has been. The writer encourages us to take our eyes off of the low things and set them on things above. ...

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Hermeneutics: Basic Bible Study Methods and Tools

This comes from a lecture we are doing with our PLI class, a lecture on hermeneutics and bible study methods ...

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The Broken Belong Here: Jesus is the Remedy

This morning, we celebrate the ordinance of baptism, and in doing so, sometimes its good to get a little nostalgic. ...

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Give Thanks for the Little Things: Thoughts from Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This is an excerpt from Bonhoeffer's book, "Life Together." I haven't read anything outside of Scripture so profound in quite a while. I pray that you will be as enriched as I was upoon reading these words, and that we all can learn to give thanks for the little things in life. "In the Christian community, thankfulness is just what it is anywhere else in the Christian lif...

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