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Archives for December 2015

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Life After Christmas: Why Can It Be So Depressing?

     We all desire the “good life.” We have an ideal of what that means, and it may vary from family to family. I’m not speaking of an utopian ideal of life in this world, but rather that hidden-cognitive desire of how you would live out your days if all things were “right.” Within our western world we’re trained to think ...

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Why I love teaching about Jesus from the Old Testament

This year, we did something a little bit different and we did a series called "Christmas in Genesis". Entering the series, we wondered if we would have enough to do a whole series on just the Christmas related material in Genesis. Finishing the series makes me wish we had another month because there is so much more Treasure to dig for ...

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The Scepter Shall Not Depart From Judah

Isis, inflation, mass gun violence, political debates, economic hardship, health issues...Yikes! Has this world been left to it's own devices or is their still a sovereign God who is in control? And if He is in control, can we be sure that He is good? ...

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Falling for Cheap Joy

Too often we fall for cheap joy. It's a substitute for the longing of real desires deep within us, and we allow it to be temporarily satisfied by a deficient substitute. Cheap joy often comes wrapped with a bow during the Christmas season. It's the flashing of the Christmas lights, the poorly made Christmas movies, and the once-a-year sales you can't find in any other time...

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