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Archives for May 2014

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Blessed are the Pure in Heart

In Matthew 5, Jesus makes an amazing promise. One that should really make us pause and consider. He says that the pure in heart will be blessed. But it is the blessing that has me captivated. Jesus tells us that they will "see God"- His own words. That's a mighty big promise. One that should captivate the minds of every follower of Christ. ...

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A Call to a Deeper Christian Life: Part II - Don't let your senses be your Master

A simple examination of our culture today will tell you that our senses are being seduced and courted.  Apples are waxed and glossed before they hit the shelf.  Cheddar often is a very bright and an appealing orange (due to dye).  Clothing lines hire the most beautiful people to display their products (even Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO was recently accused ...

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A Call to a Deeper Christian Life - Part 1: The Christian Life Requires Deep Thinking

A Call to a Deeper Christian Life Part 1 - The Christian Life Requires Deep Thinking At my other job, there is a TV next to me that plays today’s top hits in pop/rock. The music isn’t bad, per say, but in all of the songs, there is very little depth to the lyrics. Currently the top ten on the billboard charts within the pop genre, nine out of ten songs are ab...

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Addicted to busy

It seems as if most people I meet have the same battle cry. "I'm so busy". We all say it. And there are seasons where it is just unavoidable to be busy. Some busyness comes by choice, some of it comes from things that are thrown at us that are beyond our control. But if we are always busy, and never have seasons of rest, then it is important to ask ourselves, "Are we r...

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How bad do you want Jesus?

This is the story of the paralytic who would stop at nothing to get to Jesus - even if it meant breaking through a roof to get to him. Found in Mark 2:1-12....

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I love my that weird?

I love my church. And I am not ashamed to admit it. And I do not just love it because I am one of the pastors called to serve there. God knows that is not enough of a reason, because I have seen pastors hate their churches. No, it goes deeper than a position in the church. I just love my church. And you know what else? I like my church too. ...

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Is "Maturity" killing our churches

We have planted in an area where there are a lot of churches, but not a lot of Christians. And the average age of the Christians in those churches is increasing, and the loss of young people is well reported. The odd thing is, most of these churches, the ones that are still preaching the Gospel anyway, are filled with many "mature" Christians. So, you would think maturi...

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