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Archives for April 2014

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A Story to be told wherever the Gospel is preached

There is an odd story that is told in all four Gospels about a woman that poured a very costly vile of perfume/ointment over Jesus' feet in the presence of a bunch of judgmental religious types. And Jesus was so moved that he said that wherever the Gospel was preached, what this woman had done would be preached with it. But this is rarely if ever the case. So, was Jesus...

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It's Good Friday...Slow down, take it in

As a relatively young man, I never had the privilege of growing up when Good Friday was a big deal in this country. As I left the house this morning to work, it looked like any other day. There were no less cars on the road, business went as usual. But just because it's lost its societal luster does not mean that we should not stop and give pause to the solemn magnitude...

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More than Conquerors?

This Easter my mind has been drawn more than ever to a familiar phrase in Romans 8, that we are "more than conquerors through Him who loved us". In this life, it is easy to feel defeated, let alone a conqueror. So, to hear that we are "more than conquerors" is worth looking into ...

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Why Plurality is Something that is so Important to Us

One topic that people pay very little attention to is "Church Government". To many, it is a secondary issue, if it even gets put on that level. But, after 11 years of ministry, I am more convinced than ever than a poor understanding of church government leads to more broken churches, and more church hurt people than any other subject. Yeah, you read that right. ...

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Finding True Reverence

My story of how I re-discovered true reverence in a culture where it is almost absent, and how ultimately I found it in seeing who Jesus Christ really was. ...

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Why Plant Churches? Aren't there enough already?

On a typical drive around town, you will probably drive by several churches. Depending on where you live and how many errands you have to run, you might pass a dozen. Do we really need more churches? ...

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